As an electrical contractor, you’re spending plenty of time crimping wires and bending conduit. However, you’re also doing a fair amount of clerical work: writing work orders, sending invoices, ordering parts, and more. You don’t always have an extra set of hands available; thankfully, technology offers the next best solution. 

As technology advances day after day, there are a growing number of handy apps and software for electrical contractors that help simplify daily operations. Streamlining your business often comes down to finding the right combination of apps and software. 

The top apps for electrical contractors

Do a simple Google search or pop open the app store on your phone and you’ll find no shortage of contractor-focused apps. The question is, how can technology help you? Do you need software to manage work orders? Market your business? Field requests? Monitor your cash flow? From the office to the jobsite, there’s a world of options out there to help you get work done. 

Let’s look at the top 12 apps that can make your career as an electrical contractor easier.

1. Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro is the ideal app for helping electrical contractors manage the day-to-day aspects of their business. Packed with premium features and boasting an intuitive interface that functions seamlessly on mobile and web, Housecall Pro is the go-to solution for electrical pros. It stands out from similar apps thanks to its user-friendly design and interface. It’s simple enough to use that even the most technologically-averse contractors can digitize and mobilize their business with ease. With Housecall Pro, you can streamline your operations, increase productivity, and improve the overall efficiency of your business.

2. Procore

Procore is a leading platform for construction project management that is trusted by electrical contractors all over the world. With its smooth integration and easy-to-use features, Procore helps contractors manage their projects effectively, avoid rework, and stay within budget. 

Poor site-to-office communication can be the cause of project delays and cost overruns. With Procore, everyone on your team can work together seamlessly in one platform. This ensures that everyone knows their tasks and deadlines, that work is completed to the highest quality, that change requests are properly documented. It all enables your team to move onto the next project faster.

3. WorkWave

WorkWave Service has developed a mobile app that can help ease everyday challenges faced by electrical contractors. As the leading software for electrical contractors, WorkWave gives your field team access to all customer information and service history at their fingertips. Not only does this prevent scheduling mistakes, it also serves as an all-in-one platform for project management. 

WorkWave also enables better estimates and billing through the app, eliminating the need for paper forms and streamlining your workflow. WorkWave Service’s mobile app for electricians is a must-have for any professional looking to improve their work process and improve customer satisfaction all at once.

4. Service Titan

Service Titan’s electrical contractor software gives professionals the edge to succeed. With digital invoicing, monitoring of marketing ROI, and detailed business data reporting, Service Titan equips contractors with the tools they need to grow and increase efficiency in their operations. Whether working in residential, construction, or commercial settings, it’s a must-have app for electricians who find themselves immersed in complex projects. 

5. BuildOps

Software for electrical contractors, like BuildOps, is quickly becoming an essential tool for professionals in the industry. With features that range from access to product manuals and industry news, to supplier contact information, this app provides contractors with valuable online resources at their fingertips. 

Many of these apps also offer integrated payment processing and customer relationship management (CRM) features, creating a comprehensive suite of tools that can improve operations and provide better service to clients.

6. Jobber

Designed specifically for contractors, Jobber offers a range of features to help manage your operations, from team management to scheduling. With the app, your technicians can easily access their schedules while on the go, ensuring that jobs are completed on time and on budget. 

Jobber is also an all-in-one solution, providing invoicing, quotes, and payments, eliminating the need for multiple software applications. For many solo electricians, jobber is the last app they need to bring cohesion to their business operations. It’s also affordable!

7. Service Fusion

Electrical contractors looking for a more convenient and efficient way to manage their business can benefit greatly from Service Fusion‘s comprehensive app. The app provides both customer-facing and back-office solutions that allow professionals to increase revenue and customer satisfaction. 

With improved scheduling visibility, under or over-booking situations can be completely eliminated. Additionally, with instant payment capabilities, payment collections can be sped up, resulting in faster payment processing. The app also provides a complete customer history, making it easier to provide consistent service follow-ups—and ultimately win repeat customers. 

8. QuickBooks

QuickBooks offers a solution to streamlined accounting and financial management, allowing contractors to focus on delivering top-notch services to their clients. QuickBooks’ user-friendly interface and automation features—such as invoicing and expense tracking—offer a convenient and efficient way to manage financial records. 

With QuickBooks, electrical contractors can easily track expenses, generate invoices, and reconcile transactions, providing a transparent view of their business’s financial health. Additionally, QuickBooks offers integration with other financial management programs, reducing the need for manual data entry and minimizing accounting errors.

9. NorthOne

NorthOne has developed a groundbreaking financial app that simplifies the entire banking process for electrical contractors. Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, this app is tailored to suit the specific needs of entrepreneurs like you. This innovative app ensures that organizing finances is no longer a challenge, offering a user-friendly platform that makes accessing financial data a breeze. NorthOne’s financial app is revolutionizing the way contracting businesses manage their finances by providing a solution that is both efficient and effective.

10. ThermoGrid

ThermoGrid is innovative software for electrical contractors that can help professionals manage all aspects of their job while they’re on the road. Today’s field service professionals need mobile capabilities to manage scheduling, dispatching, and invoicing on-the-go. 

With ThermoGrid, contractors can efficiently organize and track information in one central location, allowing them to make informed decisions and complete jobs more efficiently. Residential service companies understand the importance of providing their employees with mobile devices that offer easy access to vital job information, making it easier for them to complete tasks while on the road.

11. Commusoft

Commusoft is one of the most-loved software for electricians available today. The software has gone a step further than just providing a CRM and offers a complete set of tools for managing all day-to-day operations remotely as well as in the office. From generating accurate quotes quickly and efficiently to tracking inventory and invoicing clients, Commusoft makes electrical work easier and more efficient. 

12. Smart Service

The Smart Service app provides a powerful solution for managing scheduling, dispatching, customer management, work orders, time tracking, and other essential tasks. Now, it’s easier for electrical contractors can streamline their workflows and improve communication with their teams and customers. 

Embrace Digital Solutions to Unlock New Efficiencies

Software for electrical contractors is a game changer, providing benefits such as streamlining scheduling and improving the overall customer experience. With the ease of use that comes with these digital solutions, daily tasks become more efficient, allowing contractors to take on more projects and increase their profits.

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