When you’re working on a job site or sorting through financial materials at the end of the day, there are dozens of apps to make working at and managing your business easier. But separating the best electrician apps from the less useful tools can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best, most useful electrician apps for contractors. From on-the-go reference guides and project management tools to business banking and accounting software, you’re sure to find everything you need from this handy guide.

Try these apps to support and streamline your workflow

The best electrician apps can be broken down into two broad categories: apps that help you on the job, and apps that help you manage your business.

On-the-go assistance apps for Electricians

When you’re on the job, you don’t want to lug around handbooks and reference guides. These apps are powerful tools to help you make calculations, measurements, and more:

Master Electrician Reference

Master Electrician Reference was already a popular industry reference guide, and now it’s available in app form. When you have a question on the go, search through the detailed diagrams, formulas, charts, and other resources to find the answer.


ContractorCalculator is a simple but useful tool to convert measurements, square footage, and more.

Ugly’s Electrical References

Ugly’s Electrical References is an in-depth reference guide for electricians. Whether you need to make calculations, research wiring configurations, inspect NEC tables, or review safety tips, this convenient app makes it possible to handle these tasks on the go.

Electrical Toolkit

This app is a circuit calculator that automatically recalculates circuit values whenever a user inputs any data.

Bussman Fuse Finder & Fault Current Calculator

This tool allows electricians to calculate the available fault current for single-phase, three-phase, and branch circuit systems.

Energy Cost Calculator

This helpful tool can tell you how much energy electric equipment uses, and the general operating cost.


Electrodoc is designed for electronics applications, but contractors find it useful, too. Calculate resistor ratios and power, use the decibel, frequency, and voltage drop converters, and more.

Electrician’s Sidekick

In addition to helpful references and features, this app helps keep your skills sharp. You can engage in electrician challenges, and even test your electrical engineering skills during their annual competition. It’s a great way to manage your downtime and keep learning.

Cable Calculator

This app can be used to calculate and print your cable calculations and for validation checks. If you have a question about cables, the answer is probably available in this app.

Electrical Engineering Dictionary

This on-the-go reference guide contains definitions for over 3,600 electrical terms. It also offers calculators, equations, and formulas. Whether you’re studying for certification or just want to improve your skills, the quiz feature and laws and theorem sections will help you learn more about your trade, wherever you happen to be.

Home Depot Pro

One of the most useful functions this app offers is the ability to snap a photo of a piece of electrical equipment, and let the app find it for you. It’s great if you come across an unrecognizable piece of equipment on the job. Plus, if you have to visit the store, it’ll tell you exactly where to find the tools you need.

Business management tools for Electricians

From generating leads to landing jobs, these business and financial management tools will help streamline your tasks:


Jobber helps you schedule jobs, create quotes and invoices, track your customer information, send appointment and invoice reminders, and track your time and expenses. It also streamlines your service routes and automates many business tasks, so you can focus on electrical work.

Local Pro

Local Pro tracks Home Depot purchases through the Local Pro app, then generates electrical leads for contractors. Use it for booking jobs and marketing—build a local profile and solicit reviews from clients.


QuickBooks is a powerful accounting and bookkeeping tool. Create invoices, oversee your finances, manage your cash flow, and more. With desktop and mobile versions, you’ll always have a clear view of your finances.

North One

North One offers business banking tools for small business owners and contractors. The user-friendly app and desktop interface make it simple to deposit or withdraw money, track expenses, save for upcoming costs, and more.

Workiz Electrician App

This management tool is designed especially for electrical contractors. Schedule and dispatch jobs, create invoices, accept payments in the field, keep track of your technicians on the job, and send custom client notifications.

Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro is another business management tool built especially for contractors. Generate estimates and convert them into invoices, then send automatic payment reminders. You can also bid on jobs from your phone, track your customer and job site information, allow customers to book jobs from social media, and send automatic marketing emails. Plus, you can customize notifications so clients know when you’re on your way, and let them know how to leave a review after the job is done.

FieldPulse Pro

FieldPulse Pro offers management tools for electricians. Generate quotes based on “good, better, best” pricing, create and send invoices, calculate tax and markup, schedule and dispatch jobs, track your inventory, and more.

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