When it comes to your electrical company, catching your potential customers’ attention can be tough in a crowded market—so maybe it’s time to work on your company slogan. Memorable electrical slogans can boost your business and keep your company fresh in a client’s mind.

We’ll cover what makes a good slogan and provide some examples for you to consider for your own company. Whether you use one of these slogans for your business or use them for inspiration, the results might just shock you.

What is a slogan and how are they used?

Slogans are simple taglines that encapsulate the spirit and purpose of your business. They’re usually just one sentence long. Like the chorus of your favorite song, their purpose isn’t to convey everything a customer needs to know. Instead, they’re used to grab attention. The more memorable an electrical slogan is, the more likely it will come to mind the next time someone needs an electrician.

Electrical slogans are just one marketing component. They can be used on websites, work vehicles, advertisements, business cards, and even your voicemail message. Capturing the essence of your company in a single, memorable line isn’t always easy, but a great slogan can go a long way toward building your brand identity and making you a known business in your community.

Elements of an effective slogan

Effective electrical slogans should seamlessly fit into your brand identity and appeal to your target market. For instance, Nike’s “Just Do It.” slogan speaks to the kind of active, determined person who wears athletic gear, whether they’re a professional athlete or love to go on hiking adventures. In contrast, Maybelline’s slogan “Maybe she’s born with it—maybe it’s Maybelline” highlights the way makeup can be used to enhance or even transform a person’s appearance. It’s also a great example of using similar-sounding words and syllables to make the phrases memorable.

While you might not include every element of an effective slogan in your own, here are some guidelines to inspire your creative process. First, your slogan should be succinct. Think of all the brand slogans you know: chances are they are short and simple. Remember, you’re going for the essence of your brand—not a dissertation.

Next, your slogan should highlight some key benefits of your brand. For instance, Subway uses “eat fresh,” which makes potential customers think of fresh ingredients and food prepared on demand, rather than packaged convenience foods.

Finally, your electrical slogan should set your company apart from the crowd. Bounty paper towels describe themselves as “the quicker picker-upper.” In just four words, they’ve differentiated themselves from other brands, simply by indicating their towels can clean up messes faster. Plus, the soundalike words are catchy—so catchy they were turned into the company’s jingle.

Best electrical slogans of 2024

Here are some of the best electrical slogans we’ve seen recently. Use them as inspiration to create your own unique branding:

  1. Shockingly good at watt we do
  2. So efficient, it hertz
  3. Yes, we conduit!
  4. Wire you/Watt are you waiting for? Call [Company Name] today
  5. We’re amped to help you
  6. Well-grounded electrical services
  7. Don’t pull the plug—we can help
  8. Get wired with [Company Name]
  9. Let us light up your life
  10. Generating better results
  11. We turn night into day
  12. Exercise your power of choice

Your slogan doesn’t have to include puns or other types of wordplay, but double meanings can help your branding stick in a customer’s mind.

How to create your own electrical slogans

Creating your own electrical slogans can be tough, especially if you don’t have a marketing and advertising background. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Choose the message: First, think about your company and what kind of message you want to convey. A small-town residential electrician is going to have a very different audience and business than an electrical company servicing hospitals. What are the most important things potential clients need to know about your business? Are you passionate about smart/green technology? Do you specialize in 24/7 emergency services? Let these concepts guide you.
  • Make a list of key words: Next, make a list of key words from your industry, market, geographic location, and more. These will help inspire a catchy slogan, especially if you plan to make it punny.
  • Do your research: Don’t forget to research what similar companies use for their electrical slogans. The last thing you want is to have your slogan confused for that of another company.
  • Keep it simple: Your slogan should be one or two sentences at most—the simpler, the better. Many major brands convey their branding in three or four words.
  • Consider wordplay: Wordplay can help make your slogan stand out. Consider discount razor subscription company Dollar Shave Club’s slogan: “Shave time. Shave money.” They used four words and a pun to communicate what their company sells and the two biggest benefits to subscribing. As you’ve seen from the electrical slogan examples above, there is no shortage of opportunity for puns and wordplay in the electrical industry.

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