Small Businesses to Support this Season: Arizona Coffea Magazine

This holiday season NorthOne is highlighting independent shops from across the country. Small businesses are the backbone of the American Economy. Purchasing your gifts from independent retailers directly impacts the lives of business owners and their families, while giving you a unique and meaningful present.  It’s a win-win.

Over twelve days we’ll be spreading some holiday cheer while pointing you towards the best stocking stuffers, got-to-have gifts, and thoughtful treasures for under the tree. We are happy to introduce you to our friends at Arizona Coffea Magazine

Arizona Coffea Magazine is showcasing Black culture in the great state of Arizona 

NaTyshca Pickett moved to Arizona after graduating from Lewis University. As a journalist, NaTyshca was overwhelmed with the number of amazing stories she found in her new home. Arizona’s Black community was rich and vibrant. There was so much to share. 

But NaTyshca found there wasn’t a publication where she could champion the stories that mattered to her. 

“As of now, the Black community represents 8% of the population in the state of Arizona…we have made some amazing strides over the last decade,” NaTyshca told NorthOne. “I feel that as a journalist, it is my mission to change the narrative [around Arizona’s] Black community. I want others to know that we are doing some things that mainstream media will not cover and it is my purpose to change that!”

NaTyshca Pickett Arizona Coffea Magazine
NaTyshca Pickett, Founder and Editor in Chief of Arizona Coffea Magazine

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To fulfill that purpose NaTyshca created Arizona Coffea Magazine. The goal of the publication is showcasing Black businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals who are making a positive impact in the state.

Since the start of the magazine, NaTyshca has taken pride in helping people share their stories. A stand out interview came when speaking about a health initiative from WNBA Legend Bridget Pettis.

“Bridget Pettis started a community garden in a low-income neighborhood to teach the residents the importance of growing their own food and living healthier lives,” said NaTyshca. “I was the first media outlet in Arizona to tell her story. Since it’s launch, she’s gained so much attention for her initiative.” 

We’re extremely proud that Arizona Coffea Magazine does its banking with NorthOne. Small businesses like the publication are the lifeblood of their communities. And supporting those businesses is our mission.