Since our founding, North One has been committed to making business banking easier for small business owners across America. From budgeting tools like Envelopes to integrations with top business apps like Quickbooks, our team has worked to create the best possible banking experience for our customers. 

In keeping with this philosophy, we are excited to announce the launch of same-day ACH. With this new feature, North One customers can transfer up to $10,000 and have the funds arrive to their recipient that very same day. Whether they forgot a bill or they owe a vendor ASAP, same-day ACH makes it easy to send money fast.

“It can take days to move funds through Standard ACH, but sometimes a bill can’t (or shouldn’t) be paid until the last minute,” said Eytan Bensoussan, North One’s co-founder and CEO. “I’m proud of our customers for articulating their needs so thoughtfully to us, and of our team listening so well.”

Same-day ACH transfers can now be made through the North One app or web banking portal before 3:30 PM ET Monday through Friday. Payments sent after the cut-off time will be delivered the next business day.

The North One team is working hard to introduce more features that will make financial management even easier for our customers. Apply in minutes and join over 320,000 small businesses that have already made the switch.