North One has launched 15 major features in 2022 alone. From same-day ACH transfers to Profit First Envelopes, each new tool is carefully researched, tested, and developed with one goal in mind: to make money management as easy as possible for business builders across the country.

Building off this momentum, we are excited to announce the launch of our “Send a Check” feature, which enables customers to mail checks from their phone anytime, anywhere.

Instead of digging their checkbook out every time they need to make a payment, all customers need to do is fill out their recipient details in the app and we’ll take care of printing and mailing the check out. They can track delivery in real-time, too, so they can rest easy knowing their payment is in good hands. 

Eytan Bensoussan, North One’s co-founder and CEO, said: “For all the digital advancements we’ve made in banking, most small businesses still turn to paper checks to make payments. This launch is a successful example of listening to your customers and delivering products that solve their very real pain points the way they need them solved.”

“Send a Check” joins the ranks of other convenient money movement options that make it simple to send and receive payments on the go. Now, North One customers can focus on starting, running, and growing their businesses because we’ve got their back.

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