Business banking platform, Nearside, recently announced that it’ll be closing its doors, leaving thousands of customers to scramble for a stable alternative by December 23rd.

To all those impacted: NorthOne has your back. As one of the leading challenger banks for small businesses, NorthOne is the best alternative to Nearside. Our on-call support and tailor-made tools are trusted by customers nationwide and with $67M in recent funding, we’re well capitalized to serve your business for the long run.

What is Nearside Business Banking?

Nearside is a business checking account specializing in freelancers and small businesses. It offers customers banking services, money transfers, and ATM deposits and withdrawals through Piermont Bank. Unfortunately, as of December 23rd, Nearside will be closing all accounts, meaning customers will need to find an alternative banking partner. With the same key features you’re used to, plus many more, NorthOne makes switching seamless.

Why is Nearside shutting down?

Nearside is shutting down due to competition and recessionary pressures. This announcement comes months after Brex discontinued their banking services for small businesses earlier this summer. 

Can you still use your Nearside bank account? 

Starting December 23rd, all Nearside accounts will be closed. Customers can continue to use its banking services in the meantime, but should start looking for an alternative partner to support their needs moving forward.

What is the best alternative to Nearside? 

NorthOne is an excellent alternative for Nearside customers who have been affected by the recent shutdown. In addition to a seamless banking interface, we offer tools designed to help small business owners manage their finances and build their businesses to last. In fact, our customers have a 75% lower failure rate than the national average.

With your NorthOne Account you can:

  • Send same-day ACH transfers
  • Mail physical checks right from the app 
  • Load and withdraw cash from locations nationwide
  • Create Envelopes to automatically budget for upcoming expenses
  • Connect to the apps you already use, like Quickbooks, Square, and more
  • Make business purchases online or in store with a Mastercard® debit card

NorthOne is trusted by over 320,000 American businesses. From construction business owners to barbers, mechanics to restaurant owners, our customers enjoy a world-class product suite and service experience designed to make business banking easy.

Apply for a NorthOne Account online in minutes. Our team of local support experts are here to help if you have any questions!