Choosing a name can be a make-or-break moment in the trajectory of your budding salon business. A name is incredibly important for your brand, for setting the tone of your business, and for influencing perception of your salon. It’s the first impression a client gets, making it imperative to select a name that resonates with the brand’s ethos and services provided. 

Struggling to settle on the perfect name for your new salon? Here’s a look at 10 of the best salon names of 2024, to provide a little inspiration as you ponder your own.

Examples of great salon names

What makes a great salon name? In the beauty industry, memorable names are often those that evoke a strong correlation with the services someone can expect to receive. If you can create a play on words or a quippy name that’s easily remembered, all the better! Here are some examples of creative, effective, enticing salon names—and how they lend themselves to effective salon marketing:

1. Shear Brilliance

This name cleverly associates the act of shearing or cutting with excellence. It’s effective for branding as it immediately conveys a high standard of hairdressing skill. The use of “brilliance” sets the expectation of outstanding, perhaps even innovative, hair services.

2. Curl Up & Dye

The pun in this name adds a quirky, humorous element to the brand, making it memorable and setting it apart from more traditional salon names. It sets the expectation of a fun, laid-back salon atmosphere, likely attracting customers who enjoy a bit of wit and a relaxed environment while they get a cut and color.

3. Mane Event

By playing on the dual meaning of “mane,” this name suggests that the salon is the go-to place for significant hair transformations. It’s effective for branding because it implies a central focus on hair, setting expectations for a comprehensive range of hair care services, from cuts to styling.

4. The Gloss Boss

This name is excellent for a salon specializing in treatments that create shiny, healthy-looking hair. It positions the salon as an authority (“boss”) in achieving glossy hair, setting the expectation of high-quality, result-focused treatments and products. Plus, there are great branding and marketing opportunities tied to the onomatopoeia of the name. 

5. Clipper Chic

Combining a direct reference to hair cutting with a fashionable term, this name is effective for a salon targeting a trendy, fashion-conscious clientele. It sets the expectation of stylish, contemporary haircuts and possibly a chic, modern salon interior. It’s a great name for an upscale or boutique salon. 

6. Hairloom

Merging “hair” with “heirloom” gives a sense of tradition and enduring quality. This name is great for branding as it suggests a salon that values long-standing hairdressing techniques, possibly offering classic styles. It sets the expectation of personalized, timeless service, appealing to clients who value a more traditional approach to their hair care.

7. Locks & Loaded

This playful name suggests a salon that’s fully equipped (loaded) to handle all hair types and needs (locks). It’s effective for branding as it implies readiness and versatility, setting the expectation of a wide range of services and a dynamic, can-do approach to hair styling.

8. Bangs & Fringes

By focusing on specific aspects of hair styling, this name is excellent for branding as it suggests specialized expertise. It sets the expectation for clients seeking precise and fashionable cuts, particularly those interested in bangs and fringes, and may indicate a salon that stays abreast of current trends.

9. Strands Studio

This name has an elegant, artistic ring to it, effective for branding a salon as a place of creativity and detail-oriented work. “Strands” highlights the individual attention each client’s hair receives, setting expectations for personalized care and bespoke styling. Again, there are great marketing opportunities here: “At our salon, every strand counts.”

10. Twist & Shout

Borrowing from the title of a well-known song, this name is vibrant and energetic, perfect for a salon that wants to project a youthful, lively image. It’s effective for branding that suggests a fun, upbeat atmosphere, setting the expectation for innovative and adventurous hair styling, likely appealing to a younger demographic.

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How to create a compelling salon name in 2024

The names listed above are just a starting point. Play with your creativity and make your own! The perfect salon name should capture the essence of your services and leave a lasting impression on potential customers. With a little guidance, you can brainstorm a name that embodies your salon’s spirit and allure.

  • Know your brand identity. Before you settle on a name, it’s essential to be clear about your brand’s identity. Are you aiming for a luxurious, high-end image or a cozy, homely feel? Do you specialize in cutting-edge, modern techniques or time-honored traditional ones? Your name should be an extension of this identity.
  • Use alliteration and rhyme. Names that roll off the tongue are often easier to remember. Using alliteration (like “Long Live Luscious Locks”) or a rhyme can give your salon a catchy name that sticks in customers’ minds.
  • Keep it short and sweet. While it might be tempting to choose a long, descriptive name, shorter names are often more impactful and easier for customers to recall. Aim for something concise but meaningful: no more than 3-4 words if possible
  • Get feedback. Once you have a few names in mind, test them out on friends, family, or even potential customers. Feedback can provide insights into how your name resonates with others and if it conveys the image you’re aiming for.
  • Check for domain availability. An online presence is crucial for any business, especially competitive ones like salons. Before finalizing your salon’s name, check if a related domain is available for a website. Customers need to easily find you online with a domain name that matches or closely resembles your salon name.
  • Think about your location. Incorporating your location into your salon name can help make it unique and show community pride. For instance, if your salon is near the beach, a name like “Seaside Styles” could be fitting.
  • Avoid hard-to-spell words. You want customers to easily search for your salon online and recommend it to friends. Avoid using words that are difficult to spell, as this could lead to potential confusion.
  • Reflect your specialization. If you specialize in certain services like organic treatments, color expertise, or bridal makeovers, consider incorporating that into your name. It immediately informs customers of your niche and can attract the target audience more effectively.

Remember, the ideal salon name should evoke a feeling, hint at the services, and remain memorable. It’s the first touchpoint for potential clients, so make it count! Play with words, brainstorm, and let your creativity flow. With a bit of time and effort, you’ll find a name that perfectly encapsulates your salon’s essence.

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