Small business owners are the backbone of the American economy. But more than that, they embody the values that are core to our national identity, like freedom, independence, grit, and self-determination. These are the values we admire and see every day in our customers. 

In this series, we’ll be shining a spotlight on some of the small business owners who embody the North One Spirit. These are real, hard-working Americans that use North One to manage their business banking, so they can focus on the stuff that matters. 

Benjie Wilhelm – Singularity Design Co 

Benjie Willhelm is the founder of Singularity Design Co, based in North West Ohio. When it comes to running his company, Benjie never loses sight of the bigger picture. He believes his skills and his business are a privilege, and that he has a responsibility to use this privilege to give back to his community. Benjie and his team focus on building brands, websites, and strategies, working alongside clients that share their desire to create positive change in the world, with an emphasis on helping to tell queer stories.  

Watch the video below to hear Benjie’s story

Benjie Wilhelm

Benjie needed a bank that moved at the same pace as his small business. That’s what initially drew the designer to North One. But beyond that he’s found comfort in having a bank that truly supports him.

“You make managing and moving and controlling my money super easy. Getting really personal too, you just treat me better than I’ve ever been treated by a brick and mortar bank. Even though I am a small business, we’re not moving millions of dollars in revenue a year, I feel like I’m treated as just legitimate as a large business.”

Benjie and Singularity Design Co speak to the values that North One has as a company. We’re honoured to have customers who play such vital roles in their community and grateful we can support them in their efforts.

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