You started your landscaping business because you love building beautiful outdoor spaces for your clients, not because you love building marketing strategies. But in order to grow your budding business, you need to get your hands dirty. Thankfully, marketing for landscaping companies doesn’t have to be that hard—especially if you have a great track record of projects under your belt. Check out these 9 landscaping marketing strategies to keep your pipeline full.

1. Develop a strong brand

Creating a strong brand identity is critical—no matter what type of business you run. A solid set of core brand values and attributes not only makes your business more recognizable, but it also builds customer loyalty. After all, clients are more likely to return to businesses they feel positive about, and recognition is everything.

There are a number of proven strategies for creating a strong, consistent brand for a landscaping business. Start by:

  • Developing a recognizable logo and using consistent colors and fonts across all marketing collateral.
  • Making sure your website conforms to your brand identity, since the web is where today’s consumers often come across a new company or brand for the first time.
  • Adding your branding elements to company vehicles, if possible.

When it comes to marketing landscaping companies and building a strong brand, remember that you’re working at your clients’ homes and businesses. Above all, you need to establish trust and credibility with each client, giving them peace of mind that their property is in good hands.

2. Use the web to your advantage

Today’s consumer looks to the web first when making purchasing decisions, and that includes the landscaping service they choose. If you don’t already have a well-designed website for your landscaping business, investing in one can work wonders for cultivating new customers. Include descriptions of your services, a contact form, and any other essential information like hours, service area, and contact information.

It also helps to start a landscaping blog on your website. By creating content that addresses common questions that relate to your areas of expertise, you can build trust with prospects and customers—not to mention help your website rank higher on Google.

3. Create a referral program

It’s no secret that word-of-mouth advertising is one of the best marketing tools for a small business, and creating a customer referral program is a great way to generate new clients. By providing quality incentives for customers to refer their family and friends, you can quickly and easily cultivate a steady stream of new clients.

As you develop a referral program that works for your business, start by identifying your goals. If you want to generate new clients and retain your current ones, for example, consider offering a monthly discount when a customer refers a friend or family member. You can promote your referral program in person or through online channels like your website, emails, or social media.

4. Create dynamic marketing materials

Every business needs high-quality, dynamic marketing materials to attract new customers. Marketing collateral is especially important to a landscaping business and helps to boost brand recognition and awareness.

No matter what type of marketing collateral you need to create—from signs and banners to vehicle wraps—make sure your materials are eye-catching and reflect the quality of your work. Here are some clever ideas that can help you leverage printed marketing materials effectively:

  • Hang lawn care flyers on community boards at libraries, non-profits, and even other businesses.
  • Place vinyl wraps, magnets, or decals on company vehicles.
  • Distribute door hangers on homes and businesses in your service area.

5. Use direct mail

Landscaping services are primarily local or regional businesses, which makes direct mail an excellent promotional tool. You can easily send the marketing materials you’ve created out to potential customers in your service area. Whether you send out postcards, flyers, or coupons, make sure they’re eye-catching and reflect your brand identity and values.

6. Sponsor community events

When businesses sponsor special community events, they’re not only supporting good causes, they’re also promoting their brand. Simply putting your name on an event is a great way to create better brand awareness, all while showcasing your commitment to your local community.

An event could be as simple as a local park cleanup or cookout. If you’re able to provide some landscape services at a popular local event, you’ll show off your work to potential clients in the process.

7. Advertise locally

Since landscape companies cover primarily local or regional service areas, advertising in a local publication can be a beneficial way to promote your business. Consider placing ads in newspapers, magazines, and any other local publications to reach a large audience. Advertising locally not only gets your name out there, but also builds credibility with potential customers when they spot your ad in a publication they know and trust.

8. Encourage customer reviews

When it comes to marketing landscaping businesses, or any business in general, customer reviews are a commonly overlooked tool. Today’s customers look to online reviews to influence their buying decisions, so every good review is like gold to a landscaping business. What’s more compelling than a glowing review from a satisfied customer?

In general, unhappy customers will usually let you know about their experience, and it can be harder to encourage a satisfied customer to leave a review. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Give your customers a business card after you finish every job. Make it easy for them to leave an online review by including a QR code on the card that takes them directly to your business page on Google.
  • Encourage customers to leave reviews by including a simple call to action on every receipt or invoice.
  • Automate the process of asking for customer reviews by sending customer feedback emails after every job and include space for a brief testimonial.

9. Build partnerships with other businesses

Developing and fostering partnerships with other related businesses can help you generate new clients, tap into new markets, and greatly expand your reach. You can even improve your services and find new ways to serve your customers, offering more comprehensive packages and bundled services. Examples of specific ways landscapers can partner with related businesses include:

  • Teaming up with a local nursery that can provide plants for your projects.
  • Partnering with local home improvement stores to offer discounts on services.
  • Joining with local business associations to promote your services to their members.

Set your landscaping business up for success with proven marketing strategies

There are several effective techniques for marketing landscaping businesses. If you have the time and resources, try all the tips listed above and watch your business reach new heights this year and beyond!

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