A life spent on the road can be tough, but fortunately there are ways to make the trucking business easier. In this article we’ll share some of the best trucker apps to help streamline, elevate, and simplify the job. These must have apps include GPS, weigh-ins, delivery tracking, and more. 

Why Apps are Useful for the Trucking Industry

There’s an app for almost anything you could imagine. In the trucking industry, there are a variety of ways that these software programs can make your work life better. Some of the services apps offer for truckers include:

  • Checking the weather 
  • Searching for a client
  • Listening to music, podcasts, or audio books
  • Finding a truck repair service
  • Get the latest 411 on the road

GPS Apps

We’ll begin by taking a look at some of the best GPS apps available. These programs make navigation and route-planning a breeze, and can save you a lot of time (and thus money). 

TruckerPath: GPS and Maps

TruckerPath is the most popular trucker app out there because it consolidates all the trucker tools you need in this one app. TruckerPath’s GPS helps you find popular truck stops like Petro, Pilot, Flying J, Loves TA, and Travel Plazas, parking availability, weigh stations and scales, fuel stops with truck clearance. It even offers a trip planner and a forum for truckers so you can get the latest news and information. 

TruckMap: Truck GPS

TruckMap offers GPS services specifically tailored to truckers. Find truck stops, weigh stations, and parking while avoiding low bridges and truck restriction areas. You can customize your route to look for specific amenities like overnight parking, cheaper diesel, and rest stops. 


While not specifically a trucker app, WAZE is a popular GPS app for all motor vehicles. It can help find an optimal route, detour you to faster routes, and inform you of crashes, delays, and even speed traps. It is interactive too…other drivers can keep you informed of traffic changes in real time. 

Google Maps

Google Maps is another go-to GPS service. Intricately mapped and with quick links to Google info, you can find anywhere you need to go and get reviews about offered services in the bargain. Real-time updates you know what’s happening on the road at all times. Offline maps are available for areas without internet access, as well. 

Weather Apps

Another important aspect of being on the road is understanding what the weather is doing at any given time. Keep an eye on weather and road conditions with these popular weather apps. 


Accuweather is a popular app for truck drivers with its up to the minute weather updates and forecasts. You can track storms on radar and receive notifications for severe weather phenomena like hurricanes or tornadoes. Plan ahead with forecasts that go 45 days into the future. 

The Weather Channel

Check out live doppler radar reports and accurate weather forecasting with the popular Weather Channel app. A trusted name in weather, they give you one tap access to the latest weather updates to your area. 

Weather Underground

Weather Underground is a free app that is extremely detailed and accurate. Connected to satellites and weather stations around the world, you can expect excellent up to the moment weather reports. 

Other Great Apps for Truckers

Now we’ll take a look at some miscellaneous apps that are some of the best trucker apps, despite not being designed specifically for truckers. These apps make life on the road safer, easier, and a lot more fun. 

DOT 511 App in Each State

Each state has its own DOT 511 app. This app is a 24/7 traveler information system that provides the most up to date information about accidents, construction, travel times, travel speeds, lane closures, and more. 

Gas Buddy

Gas Buddy is a must have for any vehicle that spends a lot of time on the road. This app searches out the best deals on gasoline and tells you just where to go. It even offers a discount system for app users, so that you can not only find the best deals, but save money on top of those deals. 

Dock 411

Dock 411 is a specific app for truckers that helps a driver save both time and money by offering advance dock details such as: 

  • Load and unload procedures
  • Overnight parking
  • Wait times and weight limits
  • Any hazards at your stop
  • Bathroom availability and cleanliness
  • And much more

They have even partnered with OpenDock so you can make appointments in advance at any OpenDock facility. 

Weigh My Truck by CAT Scale

With the Weigh My Truck app, you can weigh your truck, pay for the transaction, and receive a receipt directly to your phone without ever leaving the cab of your truck. You can even create an online account that will store your basic truck information and a record of all your past weight transactions. 


Transflo Mobile is one of the best mobile scanning apps in the trucking industry. But it does more than just scan, it also sends and receives documents. With this app you get features like:

  • Load review and acceptance
  • Accident and OS&D submissions
  • Two-way messaging with your fleet or broker
  • Fuel finder perks


Hours on the road means that you’ll want some entertainment. Spotify has an enormous collection of entertaining and informative podcasts, as well as a huge collection of every kind of music you could imagine. Free with ads, or ad-free with subscription. 


Audible is a subsidiary of Amazon, and offers a wide variety of audiobooks that can help pass long miles on the road. They offer a free 30 day trial, but will require a monthly subscription free if you decide to join. 

Business Related Apps


NorthOne is the ultimate online banking app for all small business owners. Don’t waste time visiting branch buildings when you can complete any and all transactions securely right on your phone. You can make deposits anywhere, and use a business debit card powered by MasterCard. 

Big Road 

Logging and reporting is no problem with the Big Road app–an app for truck drivers that delivers. This user friendly app automatically records duty status, counts down hours of service, and displays vehicle drive time and driver availability. These logs make passing DOT audits a breeze and help protect CSA scores. 

Q7 – Accounting Software for Trucking Companies

An accounting software solution that is also a convenient trucking services app, Q7 lets you control dispatch operations, mobile logistics, and fleet management right from your phone. It’s available as a site license or on the cloud, and has everything you need to run a trucking business from the ground up. 


Every small business can benefit from the use of smart apps, and trucking is no exception. From logistics to weather, from entertainment to banking, these services can keep you moving and on time.