A salon’s success depends largely on how efficiently it can manage its day-to-day operations. Today, point-of-sale (POS) systems are a critical tool for salon owners and managers. While there are several options on the market with different features, the best salon POS systems can help you streamline operations, manage inventory, track customer data, process payments, and even boost your sales through loyalty programs and targeted marketing. 

We’ve broken down the 6 best salon POS systems for 2024, based on how they can help your salon business thrive. 

1. eHopper POS: Best for small salons on a budget

If you run a smaller salon and need an effective, budget-friendly POS, eHopper is an excellent choice. It offers simplicity with an extensive range of features suitable for smaller businesses. It covers everything from customer management, loyalty, and inventory management to e-commerce and appointment scheduling. The downside? It’s not specific to salons, which means that it might lack specific features in favor of a more universal POS system. 

Pricing: Plans range from free up to $21/month with a three-year commitment. For enhanced features like e-commerce, the OmniChannel plan is required.

2. PayPal Zettle: Best for mobile salons

Own or operate a traveling salon? For mobile salon services, PayPal Zettle stands out with its mobile card reading capabilities, allowing professionals to process payments on-the-go. The system integrates seamlessly with apps like QuickBooks, Xero, and Adobe Commerce, ensuring a holistic business management solution. It’s a great POS tool that seamlessly integrates with a broader scope of business management systems. 

Pricing: PayPal Zettle charges per transaction, with the fees starting at 2.29% plus 9 cents.

3. Square: Best for multiservice salons

Square presents a holistic solution, enabling multiservice salons to manage inventory, appointments, and payments under one umbrella. Its ability to itemize services offers a structured approach to appointment bookings. While smaller salons can benefit from Square’s pricing and features, it’s an ideal POS for multiservice salons that need a centralized POS solution.

Pricing: The free plan caters to single locations, whereas the paid plans, starting at $29/month, offer advanced features.

4. Clover: Best for chains and franchises

Clover shines with its unique customer management tools. It’s especially beneficial if you own or operate a chain or franchise of salons and need a POS that delivers an integrated customer experience across all locations. It offers unique features like notifying when a customer arrives, facilitating hands-free payments, and special promos. Best of all, it makes leveraging promotions into your marketing campaigns seamless. 

Pricing: Starting at $14.95/month, with additional costs for hardware and features.

5. Stripe POS: Best for omnichannel salons

Stripe POS is tailored for salons that operate both online and offline. It ensures synchronized purchase histories across channels, providing a cohesive customer experience regardless of how they’re making a purchase. Whether you book virtual consults or welcome walk-in clients, Stripe POS puts you in control of coordinating an exceptional customer experience— all while keeping you organized and operating efficiently. 

Pricing: Stripe POS operates without a monthly fee, charging only for hardware and nominal fees per transaction.

6. DaySmart: Best for salon-specific features

DaySmart—formerly known as Salon Iris—is crafted specifically for salons. With features like online booking, two-way texting, and targeted marketing campaigns, it stands out for its specialized approach to helping salons run their operations cohesively and efficiently. Because it’s built for salons specifically, it comes with all the critical features you need to elevate the client experience at your establishment. It even comes with QuickBooks integration, so it’s great for employee management, too.

Pricing: The basic plan starts at $29/month with variations based on additional features and users.

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How to choose the best POS for your salon

Choosing the right Point of Sale (POS) system is a pivotal decision for salon owners. The ideal POS system depends on your business’ needs and goals. No matter your choice, the best POS will streamline operations, enhance the customer experience, and boost productivity. 

Here are some of the most important considerations salon owners should keep in mind while selecting a POS system:

  • Industry-specific features. Not all POS systems are created equal. Salons have unique requirements, such as appointment scheduling, customer profiling, and inventory tracking for hair and beauty products. Ensure your POS system caters to these specific needs.
  • Ease of use. A complicated system can be counterproductive. Opt for a POS that has a user-friendly interface, to reduce the learning curve for you and your staff. This will help in minimizing errors and expediting check-outs.
  • Mobility. A mobile or tablet-based POS system offers flexibility. Stylists can handle transactions on-the-go, allowing for a seamless experience for customers. Plus, a compact, mobile setup reduces clutter at the front desk.
  • Inventory management. Many salons sell beauty products in addition to offering services. An efficient POS system should help you track product sales, monitor stock levels, and notify you when it’s time to reorder. This ensures you never run out of best-selling items—and it can also assist in identifying slower-moving products.
  • Loyalty and rewards programs. A system that integrates loyalty programs can be a game-changer! Reward your regular clients with points or discounts, which can be easily tracked and redeemed via the POS system. It’s a great way to ensure repeat business and increased client satisfaction.
  • Security and compliance. Data breaches can severely tarnish a salon’s reputation. Ensure the POS system adheres to PCI compliance standards and employs robust encryption methods to protect customer data.
  • Customer support. Even the most intuitive systems can face hiccups. Make sure your provider offers robust customer support—available during your business hours—to address any issues promptly.

Behind every great salon is a great POS—and a great banking partner

Choosing the best salon POS system is pivotal for salons, helping streamline operations and improve the overall customer experience. But remember, financial management plays an equally vital role in ensuring sustainable growth. 

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