The economy is changing, that’s easy to see. One of the best ways to thrive in times like these is to have total control over your hours, income, and future. That’s why entrepreneurs are moving in the direction of the “sweaty startup.” Here, you’ll learn about what a sweaty startup is, how to start one in 2022, and turn-key sweaty startup ideas, including landscaping, pest control, interior design, and more.

What is a Sweaty Startup?

The word “startup” has been thrown around a lot over the last couple decades. It’s easy to understand why, as some of the biggest companies on the planet seemed to have sprung from tiny startups in someone’s garage. Companies like Google, Amazon, and Twitter all started as relatively tiny operations that grew and grew.

Startups don’t just have to be huge tech companies, though. There are a ton of opportunities for entrepreneurs to start businesses and, at least initially, provide the labor to help the business grow. You just need to identify a service that’s in demand in your area and build a business to meet it.

For example: in many areas, a typical tract home has a garage that was built to store only a car, leaving a ton of unused space that could be used for storage. However, most homeowners don’t know how to take advantage of it. A “sweaty startup” could install shelving, slat walls, and other nifty storage devices. You, the business owner, would source the materials, correctly perform installation, and market your services.

Why You Should Start a Sweaty Startup

One good reason to start a sweaty startup is because you are skilled in or passionate about something. What is a hobby for you could end up becoming a profitable service that you offer to others.

Another benefit of sweaty startups is avoiding the hassle and expense that come with having employees since you’ll be performing most of the labor. As you better understand the service and marketplace, you’ll be in a better position to decide when to bring employees on board.

That brings us to our main reason for starting a sweaty startup: scalability. Your business will start small with minimal investment. As your skills become more in demand and your efficiency improves, the business can grow.

How To Start A Sweaty Startup

Roll up your sleeves! It’s going to be tough, but it’ll be worth it. After all, you should be pursuing a business that you believe in and are passionate about.

The first step is to do some research. There may be an idea you’re already interested in pursuing, but you need to confirm if there’s really a demand for it. Imagine you’re an expert at repairing stagecoaches. Though you might enjoy making a business out of it, chances are there aren’t too many stagecoaches near you needing repair.

Is the market already saturated with businesses like yours? If so, you might want to think of something different or perhaps a way that you can set yourself apart from the competition. Remember that an overabundance of people supplying the same service tends to drive prices down, which means you may not make as much profit.

Now, it’s not as simple as just getting to work, you do need to know some basics about the finances of starting a business. Check out our step-by-step guide for insights into making a business plan, pitching it to others, getting the funding you need, and more.

Top Sweaty Startups Ideas

Get creative with your sweaty startup idea! Even if the first one doesn’t pan out, you might be surprised by what develops into a successful business.

There are great opportunities in the home and commercial services segment, including window washing, residential painting, or pest control. Mobile car mechanics are also often in high demand. Looking for a unique idea? Check out the list below!

1. Thermal Imaging

With the price of utilities skyrocketing, and a desire by many to be more “green,” this may be a great business to start. With the proper equipment and expertise, you’ll see where a home is losing heating and cooling and can identify ways to increase energy efficiency.

2. Gutter cleaning

One of the worst tasks for homeowners could be a goldmine for you! Most people hate sticking their hands in a soup of yucky rainwater and decomposing leaves. If you don’t mind doing it, or have an idea for getting it done faster, you may find yourself a very profitable business.

3. On-demand holiday decorations

This may be a great business to combo with another seasonal service like hanging backyard lights. Many people love holiday decorations, but hate the work it takes to put them up and take them down. Your sweat equals a nifty, easy-to-start business.

4. Mobile decal and wrap services

Car wraps are all the rage these days, and they aren’t just for promoting businesses anymore. Many people love that cool matte look and having colors on their car without the massive expense of painting. Learn where to source and how to install and this might be a great opportunity.

5. Mobile bike Repair

In some areas of the country, people are escaping the high price of gas by providing their own pedal power. Bikes need all sorts of repairs and most people don’t know how to do them correctly. By providing an on-demand service right at people’s homes, you’ll be providing an essential service.

6. Event management

Even small events can be overwhelming to plan and host. This is a great service that can be scaled as you learn the ropes and build relationships with local suppliers. This is a business with great referral potential!

7. Event DJ

A good DJ can really be the heart of a great party or event. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to provide music for corporate events, school dances, Bar Mitzvahs, weddings, and more.

4. Photo booth rental

What was once a relic of the past, the photo booth has surged in popularity over the last few decades. Many parties, weddings, and other events are featuring them. You own the booth, then bring it from location to location for whatever rate you choose.

5. Mobile massage

This is a great business to start. After receiving the proper training, you’ll be able to offer your services to a wide range of clients. You can target your business to specific niches like sports massage, pregnancy massage, or just for office workers.

6. High-end athletic coaching and training

Do you have a particular expertise in a sport or physical skill? Put that to use by starting your own training business. Parents will often pay large amounts of money for people to train their kids to become the next MLB star.

7. College acceptance consultation

College admissions are a very tricky maze for parents and students to find their way through. If you have the expertise, you can provide counseling on essay-writing, school selection, applications, financial aid, and more.

8. Epoxy flooring

Having a stylish, functional, and durable garage floor is fairly high on the list for many homeowners. You’ll find a lot of clients who want to create the perfect man cave or garage to house their collection of hot rods.

9. Asbestos removal

Obviously you’ll need to have the training and licensing to handle this. When you do, there’s a lot of work as people remodel older homes that have asbestos flooring and other materials. It’s specialized and in high demand.

10. Drone pilot

Drones are becoming the standard in real estate listings, especially for expensive homes. There’s a multitude of other industries that use drone footage as well from advertising, to roof inspection and more. If you have a professional quality drone and are experienced, this may be a great way to put your passion to work!

11. House staging

In some areas of the country, house staging is an essential part of the home listing process. By building relationships with realtors and developers, then being an expert sourcing and design, you can become a highly requested stager!

How to choose a bank account for your sweaty startup

One of the most important relationships you’ll need to form as you get started is with your bank. Choosing a bank that has experience serving small businesses and startups is essential. They’ll have the loan products, bank accounts, and tailored advice to make sure your business is a success. We at North One have a ton of innovative services crafted just for small businesses owners like you.