One of the HVAC industry’s busiest seasons is always just around the corner, which means it’s a great time to streamline your workflow, find great reference tools, and manage your business. Whether you need to make calculations on the fly, research an issue, or follow up on leads and invoices, these HVAC apps will make it easy to get the job done.

Here’s a closer look at the best HVAC apps we’ve found to help technicians in this critical industry.

Try these HVAC apps to boost your business

These apps are sorted into two categories: apps specifically for HVAC technicians, and apps that help small business owners and contractors manage their business. Seasoned pros and new technicians alike can benefit from these feature-rich tools and services.

HVAC-reference apps

It used to be that you’d have to bring reference manuals or phone a colleague to get answers on the job site. These HVAC apps make it faster and easier for you to look up answers to your questions, make calculations, and more:

CoolCloud Assist

If you work with Goodman and Amana equipment, CoolCloud Assist allows you to connect to the electronic components via Bluetooth. Get real-time updates about HVAC equipment, making it faster and easier to diagnose and solve problems.

DuctCalc Elite

This app focuses on sizing and calculating ductwork. Simply calculate your duct size, pressure drop, flow rate, and air velocity, then customize them to fit your specific job site.

Gemaire HVAC Contractor Assist

If you work with Gemaire HVAC equipment, this app can help you calculate duct size, view diagrams, and open spec sheets. Plus, you can search for product information, check your order status, and check on product availability nearby.

Heating and Cooling HVAC Assist

This tool helps contractors locate parts at nearby stores, and tells you whether they’re currently in stock. Plus, it’ll even provide driving directions so you can pick up the parts without incident.

HVAC Buddy

This app is used to diagnose and repair refrigerant issues. Choose measurements like Fahrenheit, Celsius, psi, and kPa. You can adjust the temperature in real time and receive service reports via email.

HVAC Duct Sizer

Calculate the airflow at any given time with HVAC Duct Sizer. This app takes duct size, velocity, and friction into account when making calculations—just add the duct material, shape, and the air pressure. Calculations are available in both metric and imperial measurements.

HVAC Load Plus

This app will help you calculate heating and cooling loads for residences and small commercial buildings. It creates graphs and pie charts to explain the data, and has handy tools to send that data to clients or colleagues, straight from the app. It also includes weather data for over 100 cities, as well as building and structural component data.

HVACR Fault Finder

This app communicates with the electric components of an HVAC system to find and diagnose issues. You’ll get an alarm when an issue is found, plus helpful suggestions on how to fix the problem. Plus, there are useful videos and study manuals so you can keep your skills sharp at any time.


If you find yourself needing to make hydraulic calculations, HyTools is a helpful free HVAC app. Let the app guide you through pipe and valve sizing, presetting, radiator power and sizing, pressure drop, pressure maintenance, controls, and more. If you often work with hydraulic systems, this is a must-have app.

MeasureQuick HVAC

MeasureQuick’s app allows users to analyze and diagnose HVAC problems. In addition to diagnostic tools, it also uses built-in checklists for consistency amongst technicians, and performs some administrative duties like storing job and equipment details.

Super Cool Slide Rule

This app offers step-by-step repair guidance for HVAC systems. Features include a duct size and layout calculator, a wet bulb calculator, and the option to add or remove refrigerant, depending on what you’re trying to determine.


SkillCat offers training for new HVAC techs on the go. You’ll get essential HVAC and job site safety training, job site simulations, “boot camps,” and more. Plus, it helps you build a resumé and browse job listings.

HVAC TestPro

Brush up on your skills and take free practice tests with this handy app. You can use it to keep your skills sharp, study for your next certification, and track your performance to identify weak spots.

Business management apps for HVAC professionals

Your work doesn’t end once you step off the job site. These HVAC apps will help you manage and streamline your business, from finding clients to managing your finances:

NorthOne business banking

NorthOne’s business banking services are designed for small business owners like HVAC technicians. Access intuitive, feature-rich financial tools for tracking and managing cash flow, saving for expenses, and more. With access to 90,000 ATMs nationwide and digital banking services, plus app integrations, it’s an excellent resource for all small businesses.


Jobber helps contractors schedule jobs, create quotes and convert them into invoices, track customer data, and send automatic invoice and appointment reminders. You can also track your time and expenses for each job with the easy-to-use app.


QuickBooks is the gold standard for accounting and bookkeeping. You can use the app and desktop versions to create and track invoices, manage your cash flow, track expenses, and more.

Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro is a business management app designed for contractors. You can easily generate estimates and convert them into invoices, send payment reminders, and customize client notifications so they know when you’re on your way. Plus, bid on jobs from your phone, send automatic marketing emails, and solicit reviews from happy customers.

Get more from your bank with NorthOne

NorthOne designed digital banking services with small business owners in mind. Our mobile and desktop interfaces allow you to track and manage your finances, and integrate with other apps. Deposit checks straight from your phone and withdraw funds from 90,000 ATMs nationwide. It’s one of the best HVAC apps you’ll use—even if it’s not HVAC-specific. Apply for an account today!

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