The Basics

It’s official. You’re a beta tester. That means you get to play around with our not-yet-released app and give us feedback on your experience. We’ll use your feedback to make improvements and prioritize feature development. The future of NorthOne is in your hands!

Why am I receiving a Radius Bank card?

In order to provide you with FDIC government-insured business banking accounts, we’ve partnered with Radius Bank.

NorthOne branded Mastercard debit cards have not finished their first print run, but we didn’t want to slow you down. We’ve asked our banking partner, Radius Bank, to send your beta card immediately. Your beta card will have Radius branding, but it will work with your NorthOne account as any of our cards would.

As soon as your NorthOne Mastercard debit card is ready, we’ll send it your way. We expect that to happen within the next 4 weeks.

Your responsibilities as a Beta Tester

We’re relying on you to help us build the best business banking experience in the world ?

In order to do that, we need your input. Join our dedicated Slack community to contribute to the future of NorthOne. 

Alternatively, please email us at (or send us a message using live chat) as soon as you run into any of the following:

  1. Bugs: Does something not work as you expect? Take screenshots or screen recordings and let us know ASAP.
  2. Experience improvements: Does something not feel right? Is anything slower than you’d expect? Does a feature not work the way you think it should? We want to hear it.
  3. Feature ideas: What’s on your wishlist? An integration you’d love to see? A new way to visualize your spending? Your feedback will help us prioritize features that will be most helpful for you and your business.

Keep the app updated!

As we make fixes and new features, remember to update the app to the latest version for the smoothest NorthOne experience. We’re in beta, so we’ll be making updates often.

Got it? Then let’s do this!