Fresh off of leading roles at Square and Strava, these compliance and marketing veterans will help us drive the company’s next phase of growth. 

“We’re building a leadership team from the absolute best of the tech industry,” says Eytan Bensoussan, our CEO and Co-Founder. “And we are thrilled to be adding two leaders to our team who fit that bill: Natalie Keogh joins us as our Head of Compliance, and Ian Mathias as our Head of Brand Marketing.

“The financial services industry has underestimated and underserved Main Street small business owners for too long,” Eytan continues. “So it’s leaders like Natalie and Ian, who come from outside this world, that are best suited to help change our industry for the better. I’m incredibly excited to work with them and warmly welcome them both to the NorthOne team.” 

Keogh brings more than 15 years of experience in the fintech industry, having led compliance operations at both Google and Citi. Prior to NorthOne, Keogh served as a Compliance Lead at Square, where she ran the compliance operations team, as well as led product, management, and network compliance. In her new role, Keogh will continue to build NorthOne’s compliance organization, ensuring that the company develops and enforces world class compliance standards as it enters a new phase of rapid growth. 

“As everything continues to move to digital, it is more important than ever for fintechs to have strong compliance teams and programs in place,” said Keogh. “I’m thrilled to be part of the NorthOne team at such a pivotal time in their growth, and continue to build and grow its compliance program from the ground up, leveraging my experience and history in the category.”

As the Head of Brand Marketing, Mathias brings another 15 years of experience building strategic marketing programs for companies during key growth stages. One of the first creative hires at Strava, Mathias led the brand from a few million total users to adding a million new users every two weeks, and ultimately to a billion-dollar valuation. As the first Head of Brand Marketing at NorthOne, Mathias will focus on scaling widespread awareness among small business owners, further differentiating NorthOne’s brand in the market, and building customer loyalty and trust.

“Small businesses are the bedrock of every community,” said Mathias. “Financial service companies and fintechs should be their allies, not their adversaries. NorthOne has the team and the tech to change this relationship and be a champion for small businesses – I’m humbled to serve them and build a brand that these owners can believe in.”

Small business owners can get a NorthOne Account for $10 a month at Keogh and Mathias are both growing their teams at