When we started NorthOne we wanted to make sure business builders could get their banking done from anywhere. We’re still excited to give our customers a great mobile experience. But one of the things we kept hearing was that they wanted to use NorthOne while they were sitting at their desk. So…we built it.

With NorthOne Web Banking, you can breeze through your bills in a few minutes. Export to Quickbooks or Excel a click or two. Sprint between Envelopes, a feature to designate purposes for funds like payroll or rent. And keep tabs on your cash from your desktop or laptop.

Our team has always put our customers at the center of how we build products. Before we launched in 2019, our founders interviewed thousands of small business owners and freelancers across America to understand how brick and mortar banks had let them down. We understood that a bank had to be more than just a place that held onto their money. The goal was to make a bank account that could connect the dots for business builders. That could make managing money simple and fast. And could give small businesses the same powerful tools that the big guys had. We wanted to level the playing field.

A little more than a year after we launched, our team is proud of how we’ve been able to help our customers. Customers like Benji Wilhelm — owner of Singularity Design Co. — who talks about using NorthOne: 

“I absolutely think that NorthOne has made an effort to get to know businesses on a personal level. Because the tools that they create, and the things that they implement, are just totally tied to the feedback that they’re getting from business owners,” said Wilhelm.
“There were a few minor things I’d mentioned in my first call with the company. They weren’t even like big-ticket needs, just things I would love to see for the product. And I’m talking like weeks later, it’s there. And it’s implemented, and it’s changed and the experience is better for it.”

When our team sat down to build NorthOne Web Banking, we did what we’ve always done. We build it around what our customers tell us they need. We designed every feature with the idea that we needed to solve real pain, not the imagined kind.

Small business owners deserve a better way to run their businesses.
So we built NorthOne. Now available on iOS, Android, and on your desktop computer.