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Blake the VP of Engineering at NorthOne

Blake Edwards

VP Engineering


Meet Blake

Over the past 10 years, Blake has operated as a full-stack developer in PHP/JavaScript, heavily in both the front-end (SPAs) and back-end (RESTful services). Throughout his career, he has built a working (read: hackable) knowledge of around 12 programming languages and most of the popular relational and nosql databases - though in recent years he's been focusing on a JavaScript/Node/NoSQL stack.

When he can, he enjoys working with cloud-computing, distributed applications, and playing with the possibilities of AWS, Docker, and other continuous integration and deployment techniques. He has contributed to open-source projects like Drupal, CakePHP, and various Node.js/JavaScript modules over the years (he likes to report and fork). He is incredibly excited to build with NorthOne and to bring his wide array of skills and interests to bear in rethinking business banking for digital natives.


Barrie, ON


Richard Feynman, Stanley Kubrick, and the Woz

Favorite Book

Glamorama by Bret Easton Ellis, DUNE (Series) by Frank Hubert

Favorite Podcast

StarTalk by Neil Degrass Tyson or PBS SpaceTime

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